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Happy New Year’s Eve Party Ideas venues 2017

New Year 2017 is just around the corner and it’s time for arranging the perfect New Year’s Eve Party. New Year’s Eve Party is always looked forward to, whether it’s a family get-together or friend’s blast. The key to throwing a perfect New Year’s Eve Party is to plan ahead. No doubt it will save you from a lot of trouble and last minute chaos.

So let’s have a ball this year and welcome New Year 2017 with cheers! and fun.

Here are some hot ideas for your New Year’s Eve party 
Table Decorations
For the center table decorations try using large off cuts of autumn branches with leaves and trails of ivy. Also put some rich red apples and wire them on with a few candles. On this New Year’s Eve stick to red and gold colors.

Drop the Pin on New Year’s Eve party
The old saying “you could hear a pin drop” refers to the old days when hostesses fixed a pin into a candle. It was timed to burn down and for the pin to drop out at midnight onto a dish. If there are only a few of you – try this – by making a candle each and having a prize for the winner whose pin drops out at the closest to midnight. But remember this fun treat can only be enjoyed when the New Year’s Eve party gathering is small or limited.

New Year Fireworks
On this New Year’s Eve party add sparks of joy with fireworks that will lighten the midnight mood as the clock strikes New Year 2017.

On New Year’s Day
Normally New Year’s Eve party lingers on till the next morning. So think ahead. Serve some miniature hamburgers; bit sized pizzas and sausages in buns at around 2am. Accompany these with tin mugs filled with hot chocolate. This will keep your guests going!

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New Year’s Eve party Music
Make sure to have a good collection of music. Your New Year’s Eve party evening can start by simple soothing music, carrying to some romantic numbers and as the time comes for countdown to fast dance beats. You don’t want your guests to doze off as New Year 2017 is here.

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New Year Treats
Buy some glass trumpet vases in good quantity. Then place them all on a table and fill each one to the brim with different chocolate and sweets. You can select from a range of candy’s and chocolates according to your liking.

New Year 2017 Head Dresses
Buy some crazy head-dresses and take them out at midnight only. It will add mystery to your New Year’s Eve party.


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